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Training & Development

Matthew G. Wright is an engaging educator that uses multiple techniques to help people learn.  He is a frequent speaker on topics that include constitutional law, economic development, and effective negotiations.  Book your training or speaking event now!

Available Topics

Lessons From a Rural Lawyer

Hear Matthew tell some of his funnier stories as a rural lawyer while he discusses the need for transparency and community participation in the justice system.

Constitutional Development in Emerging Democracies

Learn how citizen diplomacy is helping democracies in developing nations.

Open Meetings and Open Records Training

Diaz & Wright provides compliant Open Meetings and Open Records training for government officials as well as the general public.  The program meets the standards established by the Office of the Attorney General. 3-Month advance scheduling is required.

Constitutional Rights in the Dorm Room

Matthew argued the key Texas dormitory case regarding 4th and 5th Amendment rights of students.  Here how the team of Diaz & Wright went up against a well-funded and overzealous District Attorney dedicated to stripping away the Constitution.

The Economic Development Chair

Listen to Matthew describe the necessary parts to constructing a rural economic program.  He tells humorous but impactful stories about the role of charity, small businesses, government, the public, and large corporations in developing economies.

City Councils Gone Wild: Conflict Resolution Strategies for Officials

Learn how to deploy effective communication strategies that de-escalate conflict and increase citizen participation.  Matthew uses real life examples of ineffective communication to prepare participants to practice effective methods.

Conflict Simulations

Matthew will lead your group through multi-party or one-on-one negotiating simulations. The simulations are designed to enhance strategies, tactics, and understanding of how to negotiate conflicts as well as business deals.

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