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International Work

Matthew has worked with non-profits and governments internationally to develop their communities and the Rule of Law.  Mr. Wright is available for consultation, training, and fieldwork.  Some examples of his international work are below:

Trial Advocacy in Mongolia

Judge Wright worked with the office of the Prosecutor General to train federal prosecutors and investigators on adversary trial practices.  Participants were trained on the collection and use of evidence in an adversarial trial setting.  Students learned how US law enforcement worked with state and federal prosecutors to develop evidence.  Then students learned how judges handled the presentation of evidence in trials.

Non-Profit Capacity in Peru

Matthew worked with Baylor University and Opercion San Andres to help develop fundraising and board governance systems.  The work will lead to developing US and foreign-based fundraising efforts to support the work in Peru.

Negotiations Training in Israel

Matthew is working with negotiating faculty across the State of Texas to develop a curriculum to train mediators and attorneys on value-based negotiations.  Participants will be taught how to negotiate with parties that may have different and competing values and religious traditions.

Educational Exchange in Kuwait

Following the first Gulf War, Matthew participated in an educational and cultural exchange in Kuwait.


Orphanage in Haiti

Matthew worked with a US-based non-profit to help renovate and construct a new kitchen for a Haitian orphanage.

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