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Jim Bartosh

Matthew is someone with the betterment of his community, county, and state at heart. I urge you to cast your vote for judge Matthew Wright!

Trish Trubee

Since moving to Falls County Judge Wright has tirelessly worked for community progress and improvement.

Sue Leonard

Matthew Wright is an outstanding community member. He's involved personally in improving the quality of the township of Rosebud. Matthew is a giving person through all of his philanthropy work. Yes, he's an Attorney, a Municipal Judge, a Professor at 2 Universities, an Advocate, a loving husband, but he also became an Eagle Scout with the Order of the Arrow and still volunteers with the scouts. Is there any task this man can't accomplish if he really wanted to? He has my vote!

Vicki Wiley

Matthew Wright is a man of good character. He is the rare combination of intelligence and a heart for service, honesty, Loyalty, and generosity, hard worker and a great mentor. Wright is the right man for the bench! I trust him completely.

Lynne Rambo

Matthew Wright is all about integrity and hard work. One of the best votes you'll ever cast.

Andrea Wright

Matthew Wright would be an excellent choice for the 82nd District Judge position because he has a proven record of streamlining and revolutionizing the Municipal Courts of Rosebud and Lott. He is fair and just and will work tirelessly for the citizens of Falls and Robertson counties to make the 82nd Judicial District one of the best in the state. I would not hesitate to vote for Matthew! I strongly encourage you to vote for him and invite you to endorse him also. Good luck, Matthew!!

Gerald & Karen Wright

We would like to endorse our son Matthew Wright for 82nd District Judge. Growing up he has always been interested in our nation and service to the community. These characteristics were exemplified through church, Scouting, and school. We know that he will work tirelessly and with justice as the 82nd District Judge.

Susan Duecy 

Matthew Wright is one of the finest men I know. He is dedicated, committed, idealistic, and hardworking. He will be a fair-minded and talented jurist for this position. I would not hesitate to entrust any of my business to him. He is a man of impeccable character and integrity.

Marcine Bearor Chambers 

I have known Matthew Wright both professionally and personally for about 8 years. I know him as a fair and impartial person. He is extremely intelligent about the law (as well as a LOT of other topics). He is honest and hard-working. His main focus is on justice for ALL. If I were eligible to vote in this election (reside outside of the voting area), I would be first in line to cast my vote FOR Judge Matthew!

Law Enforcement Officers

Nancy Botkin, TDJC-24 Years, Bell Co. Jail Administrator – 3 Years
Chief Michael Hamilton, Lott Police
Haywood Sawyer (R)(V)
Officer Terry Kimble 
Sherry Kingrey (R)
Remy Ramirez (R)(V)
Office Rebecca Lord
Sonny Jaramillo (R)

Elected Officials

Roy Spivey, Mayor of Rosebud
Andrea Wright, Rosebud City Council 
Larry Boone, Former-Mayor of Rosebud (V)
Deb Kimble, Rosebud City Council
John Keefer, Mayor of Marlin 
Elizabeth Nelson, Former Mayor of Marlin

Private Citizens

Tracy Spivey Ellison
Mary Ann Hochstedler
Deborah Goffney
Rhonda Elle
Deborah Hornbaker Barnett
Jim Bartosh
Sue Leonard
Trish Trubee
Marcine Bearor Chambers
Susan Duecy
Amykaye Milikin 
Sherry Kingrey
Ken Murray
Tiffani Murray (F)
Molly Wilson
Wayne Wilson 
Melissa Wilmoth
Mark Wilmoth
Davis & Susan Fergus
Nancy Birdwell 
James Hermann
Melanie Scallion 
Sue Leonard
John McAnally 
Bob Dube
Julie Schramm
Allison Spurlock 
Kristin Sondermann
Kourtney Glaser 
Hussain Fawaz
Laurel Diaz

Legal Professionals

Attorney Clair Carter

Professor Lynne Rambo

Attorney Scott Omo

Attorney Vicki Wiley

Attorney Jennifer Ellis

Attorney Nikki Chriesman-Green

Attorney Robert Callahan

Attorney Rachel Woods

Maria Peña

Amber Hernandez

V = Veteran
F= Fire Fighter